Unsupported PCs would miss updates in Windows 11

There are fewer and fewer left for the launch of Windows 11 And, while those at Redmond have been very clear about the requirements of this one, there are still many doubts. Doubts about what will happen to all these computers that do not meet the minimum required by Microsoft for the update.

Microsoft and the puzzles of upgrading to Windows 11

Communication has been, and it looks like it will remain for a long time to come, the Achilles heel of Redmond. So, once again, with the launch of Windows 11 came the sea of ​​doubts. And is that according to the company itself, anyone who did not have a computer with a processor equal to or greater than 8th Generation Intel Where AMD Ryzen and TPM 2.0 running out of Windows 11.

Android apps under Windows 11

However, over the days, Microsoft has offered more information in this regard, and even updated the list of compatible processors including in it several of Intel seventh generation. So, the information happened with a dropper and, in many cases, quite chaotically.

Update yes, but under our responsibility

Thus, after those in Redmond have indicated to the relevant people in their environment that the company could no obstacle For users to install Windows 11 on unsupported computers at their own risk, the situation has once again taken a turn for the worse.

And is that although it is true that we can manually install Windows 11 on unsupported PCs, those would switch to the new operating system in “Unsupported state”. This would result in loss of the right to receive updates via Windows Update, security and driver updates.

Windows 11 on Surface Book
Source: Microsofters

In other words, that those in Redmond would not work to make Windows 11 compatible with our computers, which as they initially stated, we will update at our own risk and expense. This does not necessarily mean that we will not receive security updates or new features, just that any issues resulting from poor compatibility will be our responsibility. What do you think?