Users vs. Microsoft: A short-term finance app built into Edge

Microsoft receives a lot of criticism after inserting a feature of short term financing In experimental versions of the browser edge. Defined “Buy now, pay later”this option allows users to make purchases immediately and pay later.

“Buy now, pay later” doesn’t appeal to Microsoft users

“Buy now, pay later” is now available in the latest versions on the channels Canary and Microsoft Edge developer and is activated when the user browses online shopping sites such as Target and Walmart. On payment pages, users can enable the option to pay in 4 installments spread over 6 weeksand this applies to all purchases $35 and $1,000. Microsoft has partnered with Quadruple paymenta service that is part of zipper, to implement this option. To use it, Edge users must be logged into their Zip account before they can access funding.

Microsoft Edge

Zip’s financing program has no interest rate, only a one dollar fee for each installment paid, so in most cases financing costs four dollars. This is not a bad proposition for more expensive purchases, but it is less practical in the case of cheap purchases: in the case of a purchase of $35, in fact, the commission corresponds to approximately 11% of the total value of the property purchased.

After announcing the feature a few weeks ago and rolling it out to insider channels, Microsoft has received a lot of outcry and criticism. According to users, such function is not compatible with web browsing experience. These types of functions, according to them, should be managed through extensions, while the basic browser should be as fast and responsive as possible.

Thing is, Microsoft might as well include services like this, but without activating them by default, forcing users to go through lengthy setup procedures in order to use the browser free of all features considered unnecessary. FOR this address you can read some of the user reviews.

Microsoft has replied to reports saying do not charge fees for the service of connecting its users with companies offering financing services. However, it is highly unlikely that Microsoft took the option without receiving any form of compensation, and there is no comment from company spokespersons on this point.

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After going to Chromium, Edge has been rated as a good browser by PC users. In addition, the security level of the Microsoft browser is appreciated, as well as the introduction of innovative and useful features, such as vertical tabs or the possibility of directly acquiring an image of the entire web page.

Moreover, Edge is not the only browser with questionable features. bloatware. Good gameprobably one of the most privacy-friendly browsers, incorporates a cryptocurrency wallets and provides native support for sending and receiving NFT. Many online stores, including some Chinese ones, integrate or have already integrated a purchase financing system.

Critics of Microsoft’s decision argue that this type of integration increases the amount of code potentially vulnerable and exploitable by hackers for attacks. After all, the Zip app for funding has been around for a while, which is another reason why many users find the Edge integration superfluous.

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