Video Shows How Tesla’s HEPA Filter and Bioweapons Defense Mode Work

Tesla introduced the Mode of defense against biological weapons first in the Model X alone, then also in the other cars, with the exception of the Model 3, for lack of space. This is a system that must ensure complete filtration of the outside air, keeping the passenger compartment under pressure and safe from pollutants and even pathogenswith an efficiency of 99.97%.

Elon Musk badly wanted this system on board, but he gave credit for credit: the idea had been suggested to him by Google co-founder, Larry Page. The system based on a series of filters HEPAsignificantly larger than those normally found in cars, also fitted as standard, so as to be “100 times more efficient“.

In one of his rare official videos, You’re here has now decided to show the effectiveness of the system visually, using a Y-modelwhich is fitted as standard:

The car enclosed in an inflatable balloon, in the company of another vehicle serving as a comparison, has to deal with the emissions of colored smoke. It is clear that the pressurization of the mode of defense of biological weapons keep smoke out, and the air passes exclusively through the filter. In the control vehicle, on the other hand, the infiltrations are significant.

At the end of the video we also see how the system was made and its size stands out compared to the normal cabin filters in the automotive world.