Visual Studio Community 2019 and Code are coming to the Windows 11 Store

Microsoft had already warned that wanted Windows Store 11, his umpteenth attempt on the Microsoft Store, have the main applications. It’s now easier by authorizing win32 apps in the Store. This time they are coming Visual Studio 2019 community and Visual Studio code at Windows Store 11.

Visual Studio Community 2019 and Visual Studio Code join the Windows 11 party

Windows 11 insiders can now download the two apps we have listed from the Microsoft Store for free. This makes it easier for developers to access these apps without having to enter the browser as soon as the operating system starts reaching users.

With Windows 11, Microsoft will allow all developers to submit unpackaged Win32 applications to its Store. This should help make the Microsoft Store the easiest way to discover and install apps on a PC with the new operating system. Visual Studio was one of the great apps that Microsoft said would be coming to the Store soon, along with Microsoft Teams, Disney +, Adobe Creative Cloud, Zoom, and Canva.

As we have already indicated The Microsoft Store has been around for almost 10 years. Debuting with Windows 8 at a time when Microsoft was pushing developers to create Metro-style apps for tablets. However, Metro apps and Windows 10-era UWP apps never achieved significant momentum. It has always been said that the rectification is wise and Microsoft has finally realized that Win32 applications are what Windows users really want.

The new Windows 11 store

Always with the initial momentum It will take us some time to see some great apps coming to the new store. Meanwhile, the app continues to improve its design and functionality to get the most out of it. On the other hand, it also works to wear Android apps to Windows 11 through a partnership with the Amazon App Store, but this integration is not yet visible in the latest versions of the system.