Volkswagen confirms (indirectly) plans for an ID.California electric motorhome

Among the various prototypes of the family of identification of electric vehicles, volkswagen in 2017 presented the minivan ID.Buzz. Initially conceived only as a concept, given the super positive feedback from critics, the German company decided to make it a real production vehicle. The final launch should take place in a few months, in 2022, but we are already discovering a possible version that will delight many fans of the genre.

Indeed, during a presentation, Volkswagen showed future plans for its European plants, and the most attentive noticed that the Hannover plant reported the production of a vehicle called ID.California.

Volkswagen ID California

There’s little doubt about the nature of the vehicle, given that the exclusive identifying wording for the electric family is the soul of the brand’s relaunch. Similarly, the name of California associated with motorhome versionsthat fans of the brand know and appreciate.

Volkswagen ID California

At the moment, the technical characteristics are absolutely unknown, but it can be assumed that the electric California is based precisely on the ID.Buzz minivan. This choice would also bring an absolute novelty in the panorama of motorhomes: it would be the first model equipped with a high capacity lithium battery. In fact, there are rare examples of similar vehicles, but all with rather reduced batteries (and therefore range).

ID.Buzz should instead have up to 100kWhand those who like to travel in a motorhome hope that the same accumulator can end up in the ID.California, reducing the anxiety of recharging to a bad memory.