Wanadoo extends its navigable ADSL offer to businesses

Wanadoo Spain today announced the launch of “ADSL 512 Navigable Company”, a product it offers to companies and professionals national telephone calls and Internet access with ADSL connecting four computers for 42 euros per month. This is relevant for businesses as they can save a lot of money on phone calls since other ISPs do not offer this option. Another thing is that ADSL is working properly since Wanadoo is the company that reviews you received. In the rental form, you can perfectly put the data of an individual and there will be no problem and you will have your router for free.

As reported today in a statement from the Spanish Internet subsidiary of the France Telecom group, the product includes free registration, a free four-port router, its own domain on the Internet, a fixed IP address and a security package.

In addition, the company announced a new line of products. Thus, the range of voice services includes 24-hour packages and premiums for fixed-line telephone calls to mobile phones and international calls, to both landlines and mobiles.

Finally, Wanadoo Spain offers value-added services such as “hosting”, security and domains, among others, in order to allow SMEs to “access the same advantages as large companies” from 15 euros per month.

Source: europa press