Warframe: comes the greatest expansion of all time, The Great War

The Great War will be a big expansion content for Warframeswhich will introduce a new fully single-player campaign that will take players to 16 planets with 3 open worlds with a mission to restore balance original system. This will see the return of the sensitive, involving all factions involved in the conflict in the Origin system. Warframe: The Great War puts players in the shoes of Kahl-175a soldier of the Grineeror in those of I seemember of a crew Corpusyou hate Techin, a Dax soldier who will join the fight to repel the Sentient invasion. A new Warframe will also be available, the Sentient librid known as Calibanin addition of course to new weapons, attachments and customizations.

Warframe The Great War: three new characters and Caliban

In a demo shown by Digital Extreme in a private demo, the Caliban must protect its mothership, moving into firing position to hit attacking Sentient ships and letting the machine gun attempt to fend off attempts to board the ship by exploiting the abilities of the new Warframe. The Great War will not be exclusively combat-focused content, but there will also be movie parts and sections aimed at increasing story engagement.

Caliban Warframe


As for Caliban’s abilities, he has a spin attack that allows him to quickly approach targets and quickly steal life energies. His anger-based attack, on the other hand, deals damage in an area, while another ability allows him to gain aggro from targets and constantly steal vital resources, which end up on himself and all allies around him.

Warframe Kahl-175


On December 15, the day the Great War will be available for free, along with the base game, there will also be a new Privileged access, which will allow you to own exclusive weapons and pieces of gear, as well as new skins and customization opportunities for Warframes. The new war, as well as almost all new Warfame quests, will not be immediately available in game progression, but there will be a number of prerequisites that must be met in order to participate. In other words, owning both a Rail jacksa warship fromit was Orokin; one Necramecha mighty war machine Enter battleship (all the details here).

Warframe Veso

I see

We know how complex the Digital Extremes title is and how easy it is to get lost in its meanders: hard to start without it read a guide first It’s not easy to be competitive from the start. It is a universe launched in 2013 then constantly updated and expanded, which takes the player on a long journey within a very complex imaginary world.

Teshin Warframe


A new cinematic CG trailer created by Blur Studios (Netflix’s Love, Death + Robots) unveils more features and the visual art behind new Warframe expansion content. As players undertake various missions in new environments, including the open worlds taken over by the Sentients, players will have to overcome new threats and challenges, unearth many answers to some of the long-standing questions of the science-universe. Warframe’s layered fiction, including some related to Warframe’s past Lotusthe mysterious character who leads the I’m holding when operating in the originating system.

The Great War, a content expansion first revealed at TennoCon 2018, also features the New Tenno Guide, a UI improvement introduced to help and guide new players through their first steps in Warframe. This new feature is enabled automatically upon login and can be disabled at any time in the Options menus.

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