We will no longer see the smile of Emamotorsport: Emanuele Sabatino has died

One of those news you never want to give. December 9 he left us suddenly Emanuele Sabatino, whom everyone knew as Ema Motorsport. A character who quickly established himself in the world of social networks and YouTube first, then on television, thanks to programs like Courtesy for the Car, a success that later earned him the right to have a program to him, “in the workshop with Ema”.

The sad news was announced by his wife together with the colleagues who worked with him every day in the workshop, through an announcement on his website, and now also through various posts on his official channels.


At only 45 years old, he leaves us a unique face in the panorama of modern media, a person capable of recovering from the failure of his studio by completely reinventing himself. A car and engine enthusiast, sincere and without flanks, so much so that he worked on engines of all kinds, but he also drove an electric car on a daily basis.

The family rightly asks respect privacy and pain timeand announces that the funeral will take place on Monday, December 13 at 11:00 a.m., in the church of San Francesco in Siziano.