What is a row in Excel?

Excel is an application of a computer program that was developed and distributed by Microsoft Corp. In addition to being a software that allows to develop different accounting and financial tasks, this thanks to its main functions, which are developed to be able to work based on the creation of different spreadsheets. In this article, we are going to talk about what a row in Excel.

Rows in Excel
Example of tabs in excel

What is called a row in Excel?

Nail row in excel he is called to group of cells which are in said sheet, the cells are grouped horizontally, being located from left to right in the same worksheet and clearly since it is a set of editable rows, you can remove empty lines excel.

A row can avoid being deleted by blocking one or more cells so that you can perfectly learn how to how to lock cells in excel

Characteristics of rows in Excel

It is also important to know some characteristics that it is important to take into account, in terms of lines in excel, to know how to work them.

These basic characteristics are as follows:

  • The lines in excel, are identified by a number which is located on the left side of said document.
  • It has a number called a “header” in the row of each excel spreadsheet.
  • In total, there are rows ranging from 1 to 65,536 in each worksheet in Excel existing.
  • In these lines it is indicated how far away an object can be found, seeing it from the left to the current position point
  • Within these rows we have the active row, which is the one in which the active cell is also located.
  • In these lines, you can deposit data: numeric, letters, alphanumeric, among others. But above all, you will be able to observe their filling with working formulas in the worksheet.
  • It is important to know that the number of lines available in Excel, will vary depending on the version of Excel that is used. Although generally the latest updated versions of Excel, they have a lot more lines than the older ones.
  • You can add or remove any number of lines in case you need to.
  • You can also show the hidden lines inside the excel spreadsheet.
  • Knowing how to move the lines
  • Also how to order a certain number of lines
  • It is important that you know that you can check the characteristics established for the lines, and in turn modify them.
  • Learn to move and scroll lines
  • Unlike other elements existing in excel you can learn to how to fix a line in excel.
  • Can be reached correct a line in excel.

One of the most essential features of Excel is that there are a large number of rows and columns to use, and a fairly common question is:How many rows and columns does Excel have? The answer to this question is an amount of 1,048,576 Lines for 16 384 Columns.

Of course, you must have basic knowledge of management within Excel. Since if you want to do some work in a certain spreadsheet, the ideal is that you know how to apply the procedures correctly, in order to avoid some type of error in the document being prepared, thus taking care of the application of formulas and other elements. We even recommend that you learn more about these elements of Excel as the cells. remove empty lines excel