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Technical SEO is part of a website’s success, from the number of visits it receives to the sales it generates. For this reason, there are very many companies that seek the services of a Independent SEO which can position your web page in the first places of search engines. And, in that sense, a lot of people also want to learn everything related to the world of SEO.

For this reason, in this article, you will learn what technical SEO is, what aspects it covers, and how they are part of the job that a freelance SEO does.

Technical referencing

What is technical SEO?

Technical referencing is defined as the set of changes, optimizations and improvements to a web page or blog to ensure that it has a correct crawl, as well as adequate indexing of its content by the algorithms that search engines control. The technical referencing carried out by a freelance SEO allows sites to position themselves at the top of Internet search engines.

Its main objectives lie in obtain a privileged position in the SERPs and provide a satisfactory user experience, so that they can resolve their doubts and get what they need.

Technical aspects that a freelance SEO touches

A Freelance SEO is a person who is preparing to perform a series of tasks that require knowledge about marketing, web development, content writing and great empathy to meet the research intent of each user. The technical aspects include:

Website speed

The web performance optimization (WPO) makes a site a lot faster in loading, which is achieved by optimizing resources, so that they are less heavy and improve navigation. The WPO audit is essential, because Internet users do not want to waste time on a website that delays the loading of its visual resources and its content.

Also, search engines position fast websites. Therefore, if a site has great content, but is slow, it will not have a good SEO position. A freelance SEO maintains clean codes and images optimized in weight and size.

Website structure

A suitable SEO architecture this will encourage search engines to make your site more relevant. This is done by a freelance SEO, evaluating search intent and top searched topics, to generate an effective structure that drives your website to top results.

But not only that, an SEO professional will be able to generate internal links to tell search engines what to identify; in addition to organize blogs hierarchically on pages and articles. This structure is part of technical referencing.

Ease of indexing

There is no use for a website that is not properly indexed. Therefore, an SEO professional is responsible for structuring the content so that search engines include it in search resultswhether or not he has a privileged position at that time.

In addition, you can use a plugin that generates a Sitemap adapted and optimal for each type of content (page, article, category …). The crawler will thus follow an ideal information path to position your website.

Responsive design

When considering font and button size, an SEO freelance writer wants the website or blog to look well on small devices, such as a mobile phone. For this, it makes sure that the site has the functions for any device.

Responsive SEO

Mistakes to never make

While there are different mistakes in technical SEO, an SEO professional should never:

  • Leave images without optimizingbecause they slow down the web. This error is avoided by compressing the weight of the images.
  • Have dirty code on the pagesbecause it can alter the positioning. To do this, the content is cleaned before entering and publishing it.
  • Do not set any indexing optionbecause it prevents indexing in search engines. Therefore, make sure that your website is properly tagged for indexing after it is designed.
  • Excess labelbecause it creates duplicate pages. They should therefore be used with caution.

Technical SEO monitoring tools

There are many tools that a freelance SEO uses to detect the technical SEO level of a website, for example:

  • SEMRush, semi-free application that helps you see the technical SEO status of your page.
  • PageSpeed ​​Insights and GTmetrix, helps you know the loading speed of your website and gives you suggestions to improve it.
  • SEO Screaming Frog Spider, which is installed and offers information about the quality of every link and the structure of every element of your website.

In conclusion, a freelance SEO is able to give a new approach to a site, so that it becomes a productive and efficient source of web traffic. Of course, there are technical aspects to this job, such as those discussed here, which are essential in generating a comprehensive SEO strategy that meets each user’s search intent.