What is the most valuable brand in the world? Here is the ranking

Each year, the ranking of world’s most valuable brands of the site Brand directory. Dominating the list are the so-called Big tech with valuations of over billions. But of all of them, who will be at the top?


On the throne of the most valuable brands in the world we find, for the second consecutive year, Apple. The evaluation of the Cupertino giant increased by 35% compared to 2021, standing at a figure of $355 billion. It is the most valuable brand ever recorded in the Brand Finance Global 500 ranking. Recall that Apple recently achieved another extraordinary record: Market capitalization of $3 trillion.

In second place we find Amazon followed by Google. Off the podium, the disputed challenge between Microsoft (4 places), walmart and the Korean giant Samsung. Close ranking Facebook (a half), ICBC extension (Commercial Bank of China), Huawei and finally the telecommunications company Verizon.

Note that the ranking of BrandFinance Global 500 calculate brand value onlywhich differs from that of the company.

The ranking of the 10 most valuable brands of 2022 (in billions)

1 Apple $355

2 Amazon $350

3 Google $263

4 Microsoft $184

5 Walmart $112

6 Samsung Group $107

7 Facebook/Meta $101

8 ICCB $75

9 Huawei $71

ten Verizon $69