what is the OpenAI chatbot and how it works

Recently, the term GPT chat suddenly became known to the general public, mainly thanks to articles in which this new technology was called “the end” of the Google search engine. Are things really like that? Why is it believed that in the not-too-distant future this could revolutionize the way we seek and obtain information via the Internet?

In this article we will try to answer these and other questions, with the aim of clarifying What is this And How it works ChatGPT, the revolutionary chatbot from OpenAI, an American non-profit organization – founded among others by Elon Musk and Sam Altman – specializing in research on artificial intelligence.

What is ChatGPT

Openai gpt chat

ChatGPT is a chatbots developed by OpenAI to imitate human conversations and generate text automatically. What makes the model designed by OpenAI so special is its ability to create understandable and above all natural texts for humans.

To be a bit more technical, this is a GPT-3 (acronym for Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) model based on theartificial intelligence and the machine learning.

After debuting in November 2022 stunning the world, ChatGPT is recognized as the most advanced model of GPT-3. Confirming the resounding success, in the weeks following the online launch, the platform often encountered usability problems due to the excessive traffic of visitors interested in ChatGPT, which is still free for the moment.

Among the first to realize its potential were students from the United States and Australia, so much so that public schools in New York and Los Angeles banned use of the software, while Australian universities reverted to traditional exams with paper and pen.

Side effects aside, OpenAI’s AI model has garnered tremendous interest from Microsoft. As reported by the Bloomberg agency, the Redmond giant would be ready to invest something like 10 billion dollars to get their hands on the revolutionary chatbot.

One of Microsoft’s main goals would be to leverage the artificial intelligence of ChatGPT to promote a new version of its Bing search engine and effectively declare war on Google. Speaking of side effects…

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How ChatGPT works

The operation of ChatGPT is based on a neural network model called “Transformer”. As soon as the user provides a prompt or input to the chatbot, the “Transformer” quickly analyzes the text and automatically generates text that is natural and understandable to human eyes and ears.
To achieve this feat, the neural network model first had to “train” by learning a huge database of paragraphs, sentences, and words.

The texts that the OpenAI chatbot is able to create are different: product descriptions, articles, short answers in customer support, to name a few. This new technology is so advanced that it is able to generate texts even on specific topics: medicine, football, economy, recipes, etc., using a different style for everyone.

This is made possible by simply training the chatbot on a specific database: for example, if the OpenAI developers trained the neural network model on a database focused on the Serie A championship, the advanced chatbot would be able to respond and generate specific texts about the Italian football tournament of high flying using a style completely identical to that used by sports journalists.

What are prompts?

The prompts are specific requests assigned to ChatGPT to generate some text. These requests can be presented in the form of request, paragraph or phrasing.

Examples of prompts:

  • What is there to see in Italy?
  • Tell me the story of Steve Jobs and how he managed to found the Apple company. Next, I would like to know more about his private life.
  • Write a love story.

Quick ChatGPT

Try ChatGPT

You can try using ChatGPT by logging in to dedicated page of the openai.com website and clicking on the “TRY CHATGPT“.

In the screen that opens, you can log in (Login) or register (Register).

Welcome to the GPT chat

Signing up is free and you can do so by email or using your Google or Microsoft account.

Create a ChatGPT account

Once connected to the homepage, enter the question or phrase from which you want the chatbot to automatically generate the text.

Although the ChatGPT homepage interface is in English, you can write queries in Italian very well, the bot will automatically recognize the language and respond to you in Italian.

Note: due to the disproportionate number of accesses to the site, you may see the following warning: “ChatGPT is at full capacity right now”which literally means “ChatGPT is maxed out now”.
This is the formal communication that alerts users to the inability to use the chatbot due to server overload. If you want to be notified when the service is available, click on the link “Get notified when we’re back”.

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