What will happen to OnlyFans now? Will it be in decline?

Only fans recently announced that explicit sex content will no longer be allowed as of October, but the bulk of the platform’s success has been down to so-called ‘sex workers’ – what will happen now of Only fans?

Staggering figures with the pandemic

The CEO of OnlyFans himself had announced impressive numbers for a relatively young platform, in fact, according to the most recent data, subscribers all over the world are said to be 120 million with a growth of 500 thousand users per day.

1 million content creators with tours around 5.5 million every day that is to say 174 million monthly visits which allow the platform, in 2020, to have a turnover of $ 2.36 billion while allowing creators to have excellent income, as evidenced by dedicated quote page in relation to income.

income only fans

But now, with this sudden change of course, everything could change. It remains to be seen WHAT caused this sudden shift in strategy.

What caused this change in strategy?

Here, too, there was an official statement from the CEO who explained what prompted the platform to change course: it appears that some large financial institutions (as also reported Hdblog) has begun refuse any transaction relating to the platformpushing for a ban on posting sexually explicit content.

OnlyFans was therefore forced to change its strategy, by modifying the conditions of use of the platform which will prohibit content that “display, promote, advertise or refer to real and simulated sex, masturbation, and body fluids related to sex“.

Technically, therefore, it seems that documents such as nude photos can still be released, but by now a hemorrhage of users of the platform to other shores has already started.

There will surely be a substantial reduction in the platform, it will be a matter of evaluating whether they will launch a new service or a promotion to attract users, given that there are already platforms for the creators of content such as Patreon or similar.

It only remains to wait and see how the situation evolves. What do you think about it? Tell us yours in the comments.

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