what’s new in version 12.5

Since he started ONLYOFFICE workspace ranks among the most credible alternatives to Microsoft 365 for document management and business productivity. ONLYOFFICE workspace is one of them platform that lets you manage your business or office workflow both on the server and in the cloud. Among the tools available are mail servers, instant messaging and CRM, as well as tools designed for task and project management.

With the latest update, ONLYOFFICE Workspace has come to version 12.5, including various improvements for security, the Mail service, a general optimization for document management and the addition of the dark theme. We also find a free plan for startups up to 5 users, with all basic tools and 2 GB of data space per portal.

Find out in our review, what are the latest innovations in the new version of ONLYOFFICE Workspace in detail.

ONLYOFFICE Workspace: all the news after the update to version 12.5

Here are the main novelty that the update to version 12.5 brings to ONLYOFFICE Workspace professional suite.

Security enhancements

With ONLYOFFICE Workspace 12.5, several improvements have been made on the security front, which makes the whole platform even more secure than before (consider that security has always been one of the main strengths of the platform).

The new version includes, for example, a additional access protection: now at the entrance “Portal Access” (menu “Security”) you can set a limit of unsuccessful attempts to access the platform, as well as manage the blocking time; once the limit of unsuccessful attempts is reached, the IP address responsible for the attack is banned for a predefined duration (you can modify each value in the section “Security” of the platform).

Access to the Onlyoffice workspace portal

Another significant security improvement in the new ONLYOFFICE workspace refers to the function “IP Security”included in the card “Portal Access” (menu “Security”). After the latest update, you can add trusted IP addresses both for users and for administrators.

Office IP Security only

Continuing on the topic of security, two-factor authentication is now also being extended to trusted IP addresses so it was not mandatory before. To activate this function, access the menu “Security”then go up from here “Portal Access” and locate the header “Two-Factor Authentication”.

Onlyoffice two-factor authentication

Another enhancement to platform security is theextension of the criteria for creating new passwords. After the latest update to version 12.5, you can indeed choose the maximum or minimum number of characters that can be used to create a new access key. To do this, go to “Security”then up “Portal Access” then locate the section “Password security settings”.

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Dark theme added

ONLYOFFICE Workspace version 12.5 brings with it the addition of Dark theme, an ideal solution for those who are used to working in poorly lit rooms or offices. Once activated, each time you open a document, it will be displayed in dark mode, thus ensuring greater visual comfort. To enable dark theme on ONLYOFFICE suite, go to “Profile”then press up “Interface theme” and select “Dark Theme”.

Onlyoffice dark theme

Optimized document management

Among the most significant innovations of the latest version of ONLYOFFICE Workspace is a whole series of optimizations for document management. Now, for example, you can create different types of external links to facilitate sharing of a particular file. At the same time, in order to protect the documents shared externally, you can also set a precise password and time limits.

Onlyoffice file sharing

Likewise, you can share folders via external links, taking advantage of the new options available for safer file sharing that we just mentioned. All subfolders and files within the main folder will automatically inherit the same external link.

Onlyoffice workspace folder sharing

Other enhancements aimed at better document management include the ability to convert password protected documents to OOXML formatso you can make new changes as each file is uploaded to the portal, plus the loading empty folders using drag and drop functionality.

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Improved messaging service

Another important new feature implemented in ONLYOFFICE Workspace 12.5 is the sync email drafts with connected email client. So now when you compose or edit a draft of an email, it will also be accessible on the email client (and vice versa).

Onlyoffice workspace email draft

Other improvements

Here the other news ONLYOFFICE Workspace 12.5 Update:

  • in the model “Crew” you can now apply the new field “Son”
  • flow optimization for portals that have a large number of users
  • using self-signed certificates for WebDAV and SSO
  • addition of AOA (Non-convertible Angolan Kwanza) and VES (Venezuelan Convertible Bolivar Soberano) currencies in the CRM module
  • In “Statistics” it is now possible to define, activate and modify the storage quota available for each user


Here’s what’s new in ONLYOFFICE Workspace 12.5. To try them connected to the cloud version of the platform via this link: ONLYOFFICE workspace.