WhatsApp crashes on iPhone: Here’s what happened to some users on Wednesday

During the day on Wednesday, several users reported a iPhone WhatsApp app malfunction. Initially, it was thought to be a problem on iOS 15.2, the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system released in the previous hours, but it was soon discovered that the problem was also manifesting on d other versions of iOS. Online reporting was essential for the WhatsApp team, which resolved the server-side issue hours after initial Twitter posts about the matter.

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THE complaints were mostly reported on Twitter and on other social platforms, and it doesn’t appear that they were confined to any particular geographic area. In different parts of the world, in fact, several users have reported the same problem: when starting the application, it crashes, preventing you from viewing new incoming messages or writing new ones.

WhatsApp crashes on iPhone: the problem is now solved

The fact has been investigated by 9TB5Mac, which pointed out how Apple hadn’t released an app in the time immediately preceding the manifestation of the problem, and how the crash also occurred on the beta version offered by WhatsApp on the TestFlight platform. From the beginning in fact, it was deduced that the problem was caused by the Meta servers, so it was not related to a bug on the iOS client. This assumption is also confirmed by the fact that some WhatsApp Business users reported the same issue at the same times.

Nitin Guptavice president and chief engineering officer of WhatsApp, who stepped in during the outage with a message on Twitter: “We are already working on the issue. Thank you for reporting it to us”, his words, as well as the suggestion to activate airplane mode on your smartphone to temporarily avoid the crash. A few hours after the first complaints, the problem disappeared completely.

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