WhatsApp: from today it will be possible to listen to vowels before sending them! it’s like that

instant messaging app WhatsApp just launched a new feature for your voice messages. To the delight of users today voice messages can be previewed before being sent. WhatsApp announced the new feature on Twitter with a video showing the expected update.

WhatsApp: This is how the vowel preview works

The new feature is very simple to use. The user will need to press and hold the microphone icon to activate the message, then make a swipe up to be able to remove your finger and pass the vowel automatically.


So far, nothing new, right? The news is coming now. Once the recording is complete, WhatsApp will give you the option to immediately delete the clip by tapping the trash icon or the press the stop button in the center.


Once stopped, a play button will appear allowing you to view and listen Insight the voice message.


The feature will be available on all platforms iOperating system and Android. The outing has already started and it will soon be on a large scale.

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