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Have you noticed that WhatsApp has become the universal method of communicating with others?

Today you know that if you have an Android phone with the corresponding SIM card, it is essential that install the WhatsApp application on your mobile, since everyone uses it!

And the truth is we have to recognize that this is not a coincidence, but in fact WhatsApp is super useful for keeping in touch all the time.

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WhatsApp has not only replaced other instant messaging apps, but also traditional communication tools., just like text messages and conventional phone calls.

Of course, you might think this is due to the low cost of communications in this app, but the truth is that there is much more behind WhatsApp. You can make calls, video calls, individually or in groups, send material, converse with text messages, audio messages and a long list of other possibilities.

Therefore, it is always useful to have a series of essential tips and tricks to get the most out of the app. Here we tell you some of them.

What is the best password for WhatsApp

You have surely heard of the “Best password”, and of course, it must have a series of characteristics that allow it to be tamper-proof.

Ultimately, it’s about protecting your privacy!

And if we talk about privacy, you know that your conversations need are protected, that’s why nothing better than to seek the means of being able take care of WhatsApp chats with good password.

But now the question is: Is it possible to add a password in WhatsApp?

The default app doesn’t include this option, but you can still use a tool that lets you add a password.

Here we leave you an article where you can find something about it, and also take a look at this other article, where you will find the way step by step to be able to protect your WhatsApp with a password.

How to Recover Deleted Messages on WhatsApp

Have you mistakenly deleted an important message on WhatsApp? Should we get it back?

Do not despair!

There is a solution to everything, and that’s why we tell you some tips that will allow you to recover these cats that you deleted and need to recover them.

  • If this is a recent post, find the solution in this article.
  • If this is an old message, find the solution in this article.

We also leave you a very interesting tip so that you can download full WhatsApp chats, as well as the best method to make a backup copy of the chats in Google Drive.

Can I share my location on WhatsApp?

We have already seen that WhatsApp includes a huge amount of features, and that is why it is one of the most used applications in the world.

Corn, Did you know that in WhatsApp you can share information about where you are now with your contacts?

It’s like that!

For this you must activate the real-time location option, after which you can share your location with all your contacts. On this subject, we have left you an article here where you can find the steps to take.

How to update WhatsApp?

If you’ve noticed that your WhatsApp isn’t working as it should, or that it doesn’t include some recently launched features, this may be due to a lack of update.

You should know that every now and then WhatsApp is updated to be able to incorporate security elements and new features and options.

This is why updating WhatsApp is very important!

In this article, you will find the steps to update your WhatsApp.

Don’t stay in time! Update WhatsApp!