WhatsApp will finally let you transfer chats from Android to iOS

A long-awaited and important function is about to be implemented by WhatsApp. The developers of the popular instant messaging application are said to be very close to providing a new update that will allow transfer whatsapp chats between android and ios devices.

whatsapp chat

The news was reported by the reliable leaker
, who discovered the new feature of the new beta version of WhatsApp for iOS. The chat migration process will require the app “Switch to iOS” is installed on both devices. Then Whatsapp ask permission before starting the transfer and keep the application open with the smartphone unlocked during the chat migration.

whatsapp chat

For devices Samsung the chat transfer function to Apple iPhone has already been available since September, as well as for devices Google Pixel via USB-C/Lightning cable. As for the other Android brands, we still have to wait, but apparently we are very close to the launch, even if WhatsApp has not yet announced an official date of liberation.

“Unfortunately, this feature is not available at this time and supported operating systems are unknown. We have no details on when the feature will be released, but we are monitoring development and will let you know as soon as it becomes available. there will be news”, we read on WABetainofo.