Where to buy PC components: the best online stores

Are you going to assemble your new computer yourself and would you like to know which online store you trust to buy PC components, such as power supply, motherboard, video card, processor, SSD and RAM memory?

In the list below, you will find a wide selection of sites to buy PC components. Our selection is based on portals that offer original and reliable items, as well as the best purchasing conditions.

When it comes to the latter, we’ve focused on websites that guarantee secure payment methods, prompt delivery, efficient return policies, and serious customer support.

If you wish, also reply to ours investigation, on the best online computer component store, which you will find at the end of the article.

In addition, after assembling your PC, at the end of the article, we suggest a store, where it is possible buy Windows, Office and antivirus at a reduced price.

1. Drako

Sites to buy Drako Pc components


Drako is the reference site for the purchase of PC components in Italy. Over 6,000 catalog items, secure payment methods and excellent customer service make Drako one of the best choices ever.

You can pay by PayPal, bank transfer or cash on delivery. The shipping costs must be added to the amount of the order, which amounts to 10 euros within 50 kg of goods, if the weight is greater the cost amounts to 24 euros.

To ship goods to Italy, Drako mainly relies on Bartolini Courier, while for international shipments to GLS express courier.

If the product received does not suit you, you can exercise the right to return within 10 days of delivery (the costs of returning the goods are your responsibility).

2. Ollo store

Ollo Store PC Components


In the list of sites to buy PC components with an excellent price-performance ratio, there is also Ollo Store, the e-commerce portal owned by the company Embaldo Srl specialized in computer science and photography.

Thanks to a catalog of around 10,000 items and collaborations with prestigious brands such as DELL, Hp, Acer, Asus and Cooler Master, Ollo Store has carved out an important place over the years in an extremely competitive sector.

If you choose to buy from Ollostore, you can do so by paying with PayPal, credit and prepaid cards owned by MasterCard, Visa, and Maestro, as well as a wire transfer. In addition to that, you can request the payment in installments without interest by opening a loan with Findomestic.

Delivery chapter: on hundreds of items in the catalog, delivery costs are free, with delivery times estimated between 24 and 48 hours.

As for the return policy, products purchased on Ollo Store can be returned within 30 days of delivery. If the customer receives an incorrect or damaged item, the return costs are the responsibility of the e-commerce.

3. Ak Informatica

Ak Informatica


Ak Informatica is one of the benchmarks in Italy for PC gaming and driving simulation. Besides hardware and peripheral components, the company based in Azzano San Paolo (Bergamo) also specializes in the sale of high-end accessories and games. Following, it is possible to request the assembly service.

Proof of its importance in the field of gaming, Ak has started in recent years to create and manage national and European eSports events.

The payment methods accepted in the Shop Ak Informatica online section are: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Maestro and American Express credit and prepaid cards, in addition to PostePay.

Usually orders are processed in 1-2 business days, while for assembled PCs lead times are extended up to 4-7 days. If the shipment starts from the central warehouse, Ak Informatica relies on GLS, if instead it takes place from the external warehouse the reference couriers are Bartolini, DHL, TNT and FedEx.

With the exception of personalized configurations requested during purchase, it is possible to exercise the right of return within 15 days of delivery.

4. Amazon

Amazon PC Components


Amazon has a wide selection of items for building a new desktop or laptop. The reference category is Components, included in the computer macro-section. Among the products available there are also spare parts for tablet PCs.

Compared to all of the sites listed, Amazon offers the best selling terms in terms of return and delivery policy, guaranteeing free shipping on all qualifying products through the Amazon Prime membership (a 30-day free trial available).

Perhaps the only downside is the item prices, on average higher than those offered by specialized sites.

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5. eBay

Ebay PC Components


There are thousands of items available on eBay to help you build a DIY PC for work or play. It is possible to identify the most reliable resellers in a short time, thanks to the feedback left by other users, in order to finalize the purchase with confidence.

Compared to Amazon, eBay customers have the ability to pay via PayPal, considered one of the most reliable online payment methods. Another element that led us to include eBay in the list of the best places to buy PC components is the delivery speed, the goods being delivered on average in two working days.

As for the prices, in most cases they can be assimilated to those offered by Amazon.


Eprice PC components


If you are looking for hardware, peripherals and other accessories for a new PC, ePRICE is a valid alternative to Amazon and eBay. The catalog contains thousands of products from the best brands in the industry, with a wide selection of SSDs, processors and cases for desktop computers.

Like eBay, ePRICE also offers the possibility of paying via PayPal, in addition to credit and prepaid cards belonging to the international Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and American Express circuits. In addition, you can complete the order using the common PostePay.

Another positive aspect is the speed of shipments, with guaranteed deliveries within 48-72 hours throughout the Italian peninsula.

7. Power Bpm

Bpm Power Components Pc


Bpm-Power is one of the leaders in the sale of PC components in Italy, the ideal choice for those who have to assemble a new computer and need hardware parts from the best international manufacturers. Two of its main strengths are the catalog of more than 1 million products and very competitive prices.

The payment methods accepted on Bpm-Power are PayPal, credit or prepaid cards (including PostePay), bank transfer, Amazon Pay, Satispay, SisalPay. If you choose cash on delivery, you will need to advance 10% of the amount at the time of purchase.

Another point in his favor is the speed of shipments, with deliveries within 24-48 hours as soon as the courier leaves. As for the costs, they vary according to the volumetric weight of the order and are indicated transparently during checkout.

On all Bpm-Power orders it is possible to exercise the right to returned within 14 days of delivery at the home of the product, the return costs being the responsibility of the customer.

8. Monclic

Monclick Pc Components


Monclick is one of the main e-commerce sites specializing in sale of computer and electronic items, with operational headquarters in the municipality of Vimercate (Monza). It has an entire section dedicated to PC components, with a wide choice of processors, RAM memories, internal and external hard drives, SSDs, power supplies and PC cases.

Accepted payment methods include Visa and MasterCard, as well as PostePay and American Express, in addition to the remaining balance on PayPal and the Satispay app. Also available for Monclick customers free return, to be exercised no later than 14 days from delivery of the package.

Another strength of the e-commerce portal is the assembly service, available as a separate option.

Where to buy Windows, Office, and Antivirus

After assembling your computer, all you have to do is install the operating system, the various applications and an antivirus. In case you want to save money, you can purchase an original license of any version of Windows, Office, and various types of antivirus, at the store Mr. Key Shop, a site born in Italy, which now operates internationally, which has been selling for years original licenses of all Microsoft software, at extremely affordable prices compared to the proprietary store.


And with Monclick the list of PC component sites. Do you already have a favorite portal where you usually buy new or replacement parts for your computer? What was your experience? Let us know in our poll by leaving your vote below, we’re curious what you think.

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