Why electric cars need more efficient tires

THE electric vehicles they are usually heavier than a vehicle of equivalent size with a conventional engine. Moreover, they must consume as little as possible if they want to stay acceptable autonomy values. For this reason, it is very important to secure one low rolling resistance: a 20% increase in rolling resistance can in fact reduce range by 5/8%.

Solutions from Pirelli and other companies for tires for electric cars

However, low rolling resistance should not result in reduced grip, quite the contrary. I’very high torque that electric motors are capable of releasing, as well as high speedsrequire the tire to be able to guarantee greater adhesion. Tire manufacturers are therefore carrying out studies to identify the type of to mix together ideal, especially for infusing the highest possible concentration of silicathe material that guarantees the softness of the tire even at low temperatures to ensure grip and short braking distances.

Pirelli HL (high load)

To meet all these needs, Pirelli he designed one tire dedicated to electric vehicles which is distinguished by the wording HL (high load). This tire is capable of supporting more than 20% more curb weight than a standard tire and between 6% and 9% more than an XL tire of the same size. The Italian house has reached an agreement with the electric car manufacturer Lucid and the lucid air it will be the first car to use the new HL Pirelli tyres.

Another aspect to consider is that related to noisiness. EVs are nearly silent in motion, so tire noise that might be inaudible in a conventional motor vehicle becomes significant for an EV moving at the same speed. To overcome this problem, tire manufacturers are working on tread patterns and study a type of open cell foam insulation to be inserted inside the tire in order to absorb as much noise as possible.

Working on tires for electric vehicles has also led Pirelli and other manufacturers to think more in terms of environmental sustainability which should ultimately be the real reason for the switch to all-electric.

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