Windows 11 (Build 2200.132): what’s new and how to download it

One more week, Microsoft arrives with a new version of Windows 11 for Windows Insider Dev and Beta Channels. This time it is a build with a very small number of new features and improvements, synonymous with the fact that we are very close to the final version. Let’s go with Build 22000.132!

Changes and news

  • The application of Microsoft Team Chat is now available for insiders of the Beta channel. In addition, the launch of voice and video calls integrated into the Teams application has started. You will be able to create and join meetings, activate or deactivate your camera and microphone, choose your preferred speaker, camera or microphone, manage meeting information and options, share your screen, see the number of participants, accept to new members, chat and see everyone in the “gallery view”.
    Microsoft Teams on Windows 11
    Video calls via Chat with Microsoft Teams.
  • The new tool cuts and updates from Calculator, Mail and Calendar for Windows 11 are now available to users of the Development channel.

Build 22000.132 fixes


  • Fixed the issue where the list of recent searches displayed when hovering over the Chat icon in the taskbar sometimes appeared empty.


  • Fixed an issue where opening links from the widget panel would not always invoke front-end apps.
  • Clicking on the widgets icon in the taskbar should now open the widgets on the correct monitor.

Windows sandbox

  • The taskbar (Explorer.exe) should repeatedly stop crashing in Windows Sandbox.


  • Fixed an issue where some Insiders had a BSOD after trying to downgrade to the previous version.
  • Addressed an issue where some games would stop responding after pressing the Enter key.
  • Fixed an issue where the “location in use” indicator icon was not showing in the taskbar when it should.

Known bugs

  • An issue is being investigated where some may only see the “Stop preview” option in the Windows Insider section of settings. Microsoft has released a temporary solution.
  • BETA CHANNEL: Reports from some beta channel users are being analyzed and claim that after upgrading to Windows 11 they do not see the new taskbar and the start menu does not work. To resolve this issue, go to Windows Update> Update History, uninstall the latest Windows Rollup, and reinstall it by clicking “Check for updates.”


  • In some cases, we may not be able to enter text when using Home Search. If this happens to you, press WIN + R to open and close the “Run” window.
  • The system and Windows terminal do not appear when you right-click the Start button.


  • The taskbar will sometimes blink when switching between input methods.


  • After clicking the Search icon, the panel may not open. If this happens to you, restart the “Windows Explorer” process and reopen the panel.
  • The search panel may appear in black and display no content behind the search bar.
  • On devices with active pen support, apps might not launch from the search panel. If this happens to you, log out and log back in.


  • Some specific searches of the Settings app may crash it.
  • Some Insiders reports are being investigated with paired Bluetooth LE devices experiencing increasing performance issues and error displays after returning from sleep mode or when Bluetooth is turned off.


  • The widget panel may appear empty. To fix it temporarily, you can log out and start over.
  • Widgets may display the wrong size on external monitors. To solve it, you can open the panel by means of a touch gesture or with the shortcut WIN + W on your main screen.
  • Family Widget: Some users may see a “Connect a device to see screen availability” message even though the screen time setting is active.
  • Family Widget – Location information may not be available for some iOS users.

Microsoft Store

  • Work is underway to improve the relevance of Store searches, including an issue where, in some situations, the order of results displayed is incorrect.
  • The install button may not work correctly in some scenarios.
  • Ratings and reviews may not be available for some applications.

Windows sandbox

  • The box to change the language is not displayed after clicking on the corresponding icon in the taskbar. To fix it temporarily, you can change the language using one of these shortcuts: Alt + Shift, Ctrl + Shift, Win + Space.
  • IME context menu is not displayed after clicking the IME icon in the taskbar. To work around this problem, you can access the IME options by using one of the following methods:
    1. Settings> Time and language> Region and language> three dot menu> language options> three dots> keyboard options.
    2. Use keyboard shortcuts for each language.


Microsoft Team Chat

  • For the moment, the experience is only in English (USA). New languages ​​will be available soon.
  • When you place a call, when you do not hear a ringtone, the user interface indicates that the call is being connected.
  • During a video call, people’s videos can sometimes freeze or show a blank image. To remedy this, you can fix the video stuck and then unpin it.
  • When you switch between calls, the previous call is not automatically put on hold, so you will have audio and video from two sources at the same time.

Microsoft Store

The deployment of the version 22108.1401.0 of the Microsoft Store for users of the Beta channel from Windows Insider. This includes autoscrolling in Spotlight, a new product page for video games, and a new opinion and rating dialog.