Windows 11 context menus are slow: Microsoft is working on a fix

Windows 11 introduced a new design language with many new elements. Among the novelties, a new context menu was also presented, accessible by right-clicking on various elements of the interface (for example a file in the file explorer or on the desktop). Context menu which since day one has never been so responsive but performance could improve on Windows 11 22H2.

A user who tried Windows 11 build 22572, posted in the Dev channel of the Insider program, pointed out on Reddit that calling the context menu on the new version seems faster than in the previous ones: “Have you noticed that too, or just a placebo effect?he asked the community. The answer came from a Microsoft software engineer: “We’ve been working with build 22572 to improve context menu performance, so I’m glad to hear positive feedback about it.”his words.

Faster right-click menu on Windows 11, Microsoft promises a solution

Windows 11’s new context menu is certainly prettier and more modern, with new icons for individual items and greater spacing between different items. However, since the launch of the operating system, it has never shone for its responsiveness, even on machines with updated hardware. Moreover, on less powerful systems, the delay between the click and the appearance of the menu can be even 1 or 2 seconds, too much considering that it is an interface element that can be called very often. In addition, in file explorer, in current stable versions, it can also show graphical problems before correcting its size and loading the options present.

Microsoft’s response on the Reddit thread represents not only an admission of the problem, but also the desire to find a solution. In addition to the greater responsiveness of the context menu, on Sun Valley 2 it will be possible to launch the “Show other options” option from the context menu via the shortcut Shift + right arrow key, which will actually open the legacy version of the menu. Valley of the Sun 2, o Windows 11 22H2should arrive in the second half of the year fixing some of the teething problems of the first version: in addition to menu performance, we will also have drag and drop on the taskbar.

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