Windows 11, lots of new features are coming in February: here are the new features

Microsoft has officially announced its intention to introduce some what’s new in windows 11 already in February, without therefore waiting for the release of the next major update, scheduled for the end of the year. Starting next month, then, we’ll have news of the much-criticized taskbar, a new Notepad app, and a new media player. The most important new feature, however, is support for Android apps, with all the new features that have already been offered for Insider testing in the Dev channel.

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L’anticipation was made by Panos Panay, Chief Product Officer Windows + Devices at Microsoft, who wrote:

“Next month, we’re introducing new experiences that include a public preview of how to use Android apps on Windows 11 through the Microsoft Store and our partnerships with Amazon and Intel, system tray improvements with the mute and unmute calls, easier sharing for Windows, taskbar weather, plus the introduction of two new redesigned apps, Notepad and Media Player.”

Windows 11, new features in sight before the new major version

The most interesting news that Microsoft has confirmed to publish Feature news on Windows 11 without tracking major update release timing, which in fact on Windows 10 have been the ones that have introduced real innovations in the user experience. Windows 11 22H2 should arrive in the second half of the year and Microsoft is probably already working on its development, however innovations such as support for Android applications (which was expected at the launch of the OS, but not yet available), new native applications and some new aesthetics will arrive much sooner.

According to Panay, already in February we will be able run Android apps on Windows 11 in public betain addition to seeing the first aesthetic news since the release of the operating system and the new native applications, but at the moment Microsoft has not shared the exact dates in which we will see the news. Windows 11 has also entered the final phase of deploymentthen almost all users can get the notification to install the new version on their computer.

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