Windows 11, Microsoft is increasingly putting the Control Panel aside

Microsoft has been preparing one for some time switch as easily as possible from the traditional control panel to the more modern settings. During 2021 it has introduced several changes precisely in the settings, and in recent weeks it has launched some innovations that look like they want to eliminate the old, expensive, Control Panel for good.

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In the latest version of Windows 11 pushed to Insider users in the Dev channel (22509.1011, KB5008918) Microsoft has moved advanced network settings to a new Settings page, which includes sharing options for folders, printers, and options for discovering new networks. Some elements of the network and device-related screens in Windows 11 are also managed directly in Settings, without redirecting to the Control Panel. We’ve been talking about this new version for the past few weeks, as well as the release that took place on December 1, going deeper into the news on Notepad and the change of default browser. The news was then recently brought to the surface by TheVerge.

In Windows 11, this goes to removing the Control Panel

The American site rightly emphasizes the progressive aspect exit control panel on windows 11, for example the Control Panel links used to uninstall apps, which now lead to the Settings app, or the section to uninstall updates, which with the latest Insider release is part of Settings. This process actually started with Windows 10, after an early version of Modern Settings was introduced in Windows 8. Settings has co-existed with Control Panel to this day to maintain the historic customization features of the operating system. , However the removal of the control panel seems more and more imminentwhich is still dear to longtime users today.

As TheVerge writes, Settings was designed to offer a clean and modern app for managing the operating system’s hardware and software features. In our view, Windows 11 has achieved a kind of stylistic maturity that previous versions of Settings lacked, and with the introduction of new features and screens, the Control Panel feels increasingly redundant. It’s worth pointing out that Microsoft has never officially admitted that it wants to eliminate the Control Panel, but there are now several clues that seem to point in that direction.

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