With Qonto, paying for an F24 has never been easier

Founded in 2016 in France by Alexandre Prot And Steve Anavi and landed in Italy in 2019, Qonto aimed at simplifying the traditional banking experience for SMEs and professionals. How? Propose a B2B account in tune with the times. We use design and technology to offer entrepreneurs and professionals the banking experience they deserve: this was the objective of the two founders. So far, Qonto’s growth has been exponential in just 4 years since the launch of the service, 200,000 customers have been reached in Europe and in 2020, transactions worth more than 22 billion euros were recorded.

Digital, safe and fast payments

Qonto has always been attentive to the needs and requests of its customers. Since its inception, the French payment institution has tried to present itself above all as a commercial partner for professionals and entrepreneurs, seeking to simplify the financial, accounting and operational management of companies. It only took a few months for Qonto to become a credible alternative to traditional banks. With a simple application, professionals and entrepreneurs can access their online account at any time and from anywhere (from the web or smartphone), pay transfers, make direct debits and manage their daily financial life by full autonomy. Qonto also provides a customer service that is always active and ready to satisfy all of its customers’ requests (via chat, social pages and direct telephone contact).

Pay the F24 model online

Access to the account is very simple and in a few minutes you can scan expense reports, give access to the accountant and more. One of the novelties implemented by the Qonto app concerns the payment of deposit models F24: instead of relying on traditional banks, professionals and entrepreneurs will finally be able to pay taxes, duties and contributions from their account 100% online. A simple, fast and above all safe operation. With the payment of F24 models, Qonto becomes for all intents and purposes the first 100% online business account with which GPA And professionalswho demanded a digitization of these services, can – finally – say goodbye to the traditional account.


F24 Ordinary, simplified or predetermined?

The new service offered by Qonto will allow you to pay for both the model F24 Ordinary, both simplified and predetermined when brought back to normal. To simplify the compilation directly on the application, an intuitive interface has been recreated capable of re-proposing the classic paper F24 model in all respects. The application also offers an automatic check to detect possible filling errors before validating the payment. Interestingly, all Qonto packages have no limit on the number of F24s that can be done, nor any fees (they are free): payment is usually made within 3 business days. Thanks to the collaboration with a dedicated network of accountants (who can compile/verify their compilation to avoid any errors) with Qonto it is also possible to pay for F24 forms by credit. Finally, thethe app keeps track of all F24 payments made and it only takes a few seconds and clicks to retrieve all the necessary information and receipts, without having to access the tax drawer on the Revenue Agency website.