With SpidMail Namirial offers a free PEC service (in reception only)

The PEC (Certified Electronic Mail) is a mandatory tool for companies and professionals, whose VAT numbers adhere to the flat rate regime, but it is practically unused in the private sector. Anyone who wishes can activate a PEC box, but partly because of the cost of the service (a few tens of euros per year, on average) partly because it is not widely advertised to the general public, it remains a service essentially intended for professionals to use. With the launch of SpidMail, the identity provider Namiral wants to make this service more accessible to everyone.

SpidMail: free certified email for private use

CEP service SpidMail di Namirial is aimed at individuals and natural persons and is for all intents and purposes a personal digital home, through which to digitally manage all communications with the public administration: in fact, it has the same legal value as a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

The main difference between the many PEC services active in Italy is that it is completely free. In short, it will be possible to receive official communications free of charge directly in the mailbox of Municipalities and PAs in general, but also service providers (gas and electricity, insurance companies, banks), as well as their employers. , who can use it as an official channel, for example for payroll. The only requirement to register for the service is to have a SPID digital identity.


If the activation of the service and the reception of the communications do not involve any cost, the costs of the sendings must be taken into account. The first shipment is free and whoever activates the service with Namirial’s SPID will have a second shipment free. The rest will be paid, however, with rates starting at 60 cents excluding VAT for each email sent, at least if you choose the cheapest package, which offers 50 certified mailings at the price of 29.99 euros (excluding VAT). Packages of 20 items (19.99 euros excl. VAT), 10 (11.99 + VAT) and 5 (7.99, also excl. VAT) are also available. No need to buy packs: in fact, PECs can be sent for the price of 1.99 euros each.

SpidMail: the case of the municipality of Senigallia

Massimo Olivetti_Mayor of Senigallia

The Municipality of Senigallia has reached an agreement with Namirial to offer the SPID+SpidMail service to its citizens, who, from February 7, will be able to request it free of charge by going to the dedicated municipal office Ex Palazzo della GIL or by activating it by line from to place of the Municipality. Citizens will be able to receive all official communications from the Municipality via their digital address, which has the same value as a registered letter. Finally, here are the services offered by the Municipality of Senigallia through SPID:

  • Taxpayer Portal (Unicumdata);
  • local police online service;
  • School refectory service;
  • Construction Practices (SUE);
  • Single Window for Productive Activities (SUAP);
  • PagoPa;

Namiral is very proud to be the first on the market to launch a product like SpidMail”, Explain Enrico GiacomelliFounder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Namiral. “We are firmly convinced that this is a service that will revolutionize the relationship between citizens and public administration by simplifying ordinary bureaucratic activities and we are sure that many municipalities, as soon as they understand the magnitude of this change, will want to follow the example of the Municipality of Senigallia”.