With the next firmware update, the 12-bit Cinema RAW light format will arrive on Canon EOS C70

Canon announced the new Canon EOS R5 C yesterday, a mirrorless camera that takes the features of the EOS R5, but transforms them into a true EOS Cinema series camera. Double operating system, with that of the video part taken from the EOS Cinema sisters, with the possibility of recording internally on the CFexpress card in 8K 30p format, even reaching 60p with external power supply connected. This recording is also made possible by the launch of a new format, called Canon Cinema RAW 12-bit.

Canon EOS C70 Italy

Just this format at the heart of the update of Canon EOS C70the smallest camcorder EOS Cinemaequipped with a sensor Super 35mmthe equivalent of APS-C in the video domain.

The next firmware update for EOS C70announced now and expected to be available in March, unlocks advanced features including a new Cinema RAW Light LT 4K SD card recording optionwith the ability to write on the second card the proxy file in XF-AVC format.

[HWUVIDEO=”3002″]Canon EOS C70: the 4K mirrorless RF digital camera[/HWUVIDEO]

Content creators can take advantage of Cinema RAW Light LT, Frame, and Interval recording options that enable frame-by-frame animation and time-lapse video creation.

Firmware already released in December 2021 had ensured compatibility with 12 other lenses in combination with the EF-EOS R 0.71x adapter, with support for full lens correction, metadata and autofocus