Wordle is the new online game driving the web crazy! Here’s why (and how it works)

Over the past few weeks you have surely come across the word wordle and maybe you wondered what it means and why it is going so viral in social networks but also directly in the world of the web. In this case, the simple fact: Wordle is a simple new online game that has recently become an almost obsessive hobby for users. who have tried it at least once. But what is it and especially how is Wordle played?

Wordle: an addictive logic game

In the meantime, know that Wordle is an online logic game in English. Be careful because to play it you don’t need to be a native speaker but to know at least English well. It was launched on the web last November and right after its launch, not even 100 people around the world were playing it. Word of mouth for an explosive state and early 2022 numbers proved the creators of Wordle right with over 300,000 players in the first days of the year and over 2 million a few days ago.

The name of the game is due to its creator, Josh Wardleprogrammer who thought well of exchanging the letters of his name as it happens during the game. Wordle’s goal is to guess a five letter word with up to six attempts, starting with a randomly chosen existing word. The attempts are entered directly with the keyboard of the smartphone and with each attempt, the mailboxes are colored according to what you have guessed:

  • Gray color: the letter not present in the word to guess
  • Yellow color: the letter is present but in a different place
  • Green color: the right letter and in the right place

Wordlegioco 2

The game is free and can be found here which you do not need to register. In this case there is a small limit and it is to be able to play only once a day since the program directly sets a single word to guess every 24 hours.

Interesting to discover how its creator developed Wordle almost out of boredom and to allow his companion to have fun by being herself a fanatic of crosswords and word and logic games. A hobby born in times of pandemic but then it became a real social game that literally hit the web. And thanks to the sharing of their attempts on social media, Wordle has become even more popular than anything put at the mercy of the public today.

Wordlegioco 1

a game that requires little time, can only be played once a day, free and always fun in particular because the results can be shared by users with friends on social networks. The same creator was happy with the success of his creation, which is remembered that there is no advertising or anything else, and since the word is chosen indiscriminately by the program, he too plays with trying to guess and, when he succeeds, finding satisfaction in having done so. “something that stimulates you to spend three minutes of your day and that’s it, it doesn’t ask you for more time” says Josh Wardle. In short, the open challenge.