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Have you ever thought about playing video games using the faces of a magic cube? This is the idea behind WOWCube, a 24-screen cube that runs everything from games to mobile apps. Born from the idea of ​​a 12-year-old boy, the Cubios project raised 1.5 million dollars (approximately R $ 7.8 million) donated by the creator of Xsolla. Presales will begin in September and the WOWCube is expected to cost US $ 249 (R $ 1.3k), with final launch still in 2021.

WOWCube, the magic cube that manages video games (Image: Press release / Cubios)

With hitherto unprecedented technology, Cubios wants to break with the gaming industry standard set by computers, consoles and mobile phones. Just like in a magic cube, it will be possible to rotate the faces of the WOWCube and interact in a physical and three-dimensional way with the games on the device.

Built with eight individual modules linked together, the WOWCube has 24 high-resolution mini-screens across the entire surface of the device, transforming the six sides into a single three-dimensional display. In addition to controlling games and apps by touch, you will also be able to rotate, tilt and even shake the cube while playing.

The idea of ​​Cubios is to make players feel that they are interacting with the digital world as if it were a real object. At launch, WOWCube will come with more than 30 cube-adapted games from different genres, such as arcade, puzzle, logic and strategy, as well as educational applications and other software.

Players will also have the ability to connect the cube via Bluetooth to their mobile phone and download other programs from the WOWCube Store. Among the games already confirmed there are tubes, Beetle, space, puzzle And labyrinth. Also noteworthy Cut the rope, from Zeptolab, which appears in the WOWCube ad trailer.

Watch, after the WOWCube announcement trailer (in English):

In addition to launching presales in September, the company will release a software development kit to allow people to create their own games and applications for WOWCube. The cube will also support widgets with useful information, communication applications and will also have an ambient mode, functioning as an interactive lamp.

WOWCube was born from the idea of ​​a 12 year old Russian

Conceived by 12-year-old Russian Savva Osipov, in 2016, the WOWCube had my first prototype created in 2017 by Ilya Osipov, Savva’s father and founder of Cubios. Over the next several years, the cube received several updates until it appeared in its current design at CES 2020, where it won awards and attracted the attention of companies and investors.

Savva Osipov (left) and her father Ilya Osipov (right) develop the first WOWCube prototype in 2017 (Image: Press release / Cubios)

We do not yet know the final release date of the WOWCube, nor if it will arrive in Brazil, but Cubios has already announced that distributors in over 18 countries have shown interest in the device. More than 150,000 units have been produced so far, with the greatest demand coming from Japan.

The presale starts in September, but it is now possible to book and guarantee up to 40% discount on WOWCube website. It’s worth noting that the cube isn’t meant to be a next-gen console. It is classified as an educational toy that can relieve stress and improve cognitive functions, reflexes and reasoning in three dimensions.

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