Xbox Series X also nowhere to be found for Microsoft, used the dev kits for a Halo Infinite tournament

Can’t buy the Xbox Series X? Don’t worry, even Microsoft can’t get it. It sounds unbelievable, but in an industry that has faced a shortage for over a year now, even the Redmond home struggling to get a good number of consoles for their activities.

xbox series x console 16 03 2020

For Halo Infinite’s first Halo Championship Series held this weekend, Microsoft had to resort to using development kits, the so-called “dev kits”, i.e. consoles provided to developers to test games during the development phase. A minor issue for tournament players, as the SDK is functionally identical to the final console, but definitely further proof that the real shortage.

“This weekend you will be playing on Series X development consoles“They are functionally identical and will work in ‘retail’ mode, so the experience will be the same, they just look a bit different. For what? The global shortage in the real supply chain”.

Obviously, Microsoft could have used the final Series X, but that would still have crippled the availability of consoles in stores, which is why they continued to use the dev kits. Not only is Microsoft affected by the issue, Sony also had to lower its PS5 delivery estimates for the current fiscal year, and the Japanese company’s CEO thanked users for their patience with the situation.

The pandemic has greatly affected people’s lifestyles and this has led to increased demand for hardware for working or just playing from home. To this phenomenon is added that of scalpers who buy large quantities of technological goods to resell them at high prices in the wake of scarcity.

manufacturing industry it cannot meet the demand because it exceeds the actual capacity of the lines by several times: From cars to the world of IoT, PCs and consoles, the demand for semiconductors is out of scale in all sectors. No one expected such a rebound after the most acute phase of the pandemic.

Added to this is the fact that current production capacity is “reserved” in advance, so if one company takes space away from another, there is a risk of creating a bottleneck. The situation should start improve in the second half of 2022but it should be definitively exceeded during 2023, when the first productive investments of the realities of the sector will begin to materialize, from TSMC to Samsung to Intel.

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