Xbox Series X launches new 4K interface for insiders

Although it seems surprising Microsoft’s most powerful console, the Xbox Series X, continued to display the various console menus in FullHD resolution instead of 4K. This was something people have been asking for for a long time and it seems like it’s finally coming true. As usual, this new feature is aimed primarily at Alpha channel users.

Xbox Series X dashboard now available in 4K

Microsoft has started testing a new 4K panel for Xbox Series X. Xbox Insider users of the Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead Rings will have access to the highest resolution on the dashboard. This was designed to improve user interface elements for 4K displays.

“This change means that the house, guide and other areas of the user interface will be displayed in a higher native resolution for greater clarity and readability of the text,” says the team Microsoft Xbox.

As we mentioned before, until this new 4K panel, Xbox Series X consoles were running panel UI elements at 1080p. Native 4K elements for the home, guide, and other parts of the panel Dramatically improve the way the Xbox Series X appears on 4K TVs.

It is not yet clear whether the functionality HDR it will also be compatible with the new resolution. Additionally, nothing has been said about whether the Xbox Series S will also see improvements in interface resolution. The Xbox s series does not have the power of the X series but is able to work in 4K resolutions, so it is possible that this console also knows improvements in the panel. These improvements are in addition to the night mode that Microsoft has tested in recent days which would reduce the brightness at night.