xCloud Comes to Xbox One and Xbox Series X Consoles | S this christmas

Microsoft creates a revolution in the gaming world it doesn’t matter who likes it. Xbox Cloud Gaming, or xCloud, is reaching all kinds of devices and wants to reach a lot more devices like TVs. But, a very interesting surprise is its arrival on Xbox consoles.

Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S can enjoy xCloud at Christmas

With this announcement during the Gamescon Redmond giant puts an end to the old system of generations on consoles. Right now, you can carry on with your old, always-reliable Xbox One and play next-gen games, even if they’re released exclusively for Xbox Series X | S. This allows the chip shortage to appear less pronounced on Xbox consoles.

Many people may think thate xCloud on Xbox Series X | S is not very interesting, but, this allows us play a game without downloading it. If the connection is good, we can try out a game that is in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate without having to install it, however long it takes.

We also have the possibility of play before, by pure anxiety, before the end of the download of the game. In this way, it changes the way of interacting with a console and allows us play whenever you want without having to wait for downloads. This in turn allows us expandable storage from our consoles, we don’t have to download a game and it doesn’t take up hard drive space.

From Microsoft, they have indicated that they will update the system of the Xbox One and Xbox Series X consoles | S to include an icon in the cloud, to show which games can be streamed instantly. Like the rest of Xbox Cloud Gaming, streams will support up to 1080p and 60fps, so it won’t replace those with 4K TVs yet.