XPeng Announces What Many Thought: Expansion into Other European Markets

Recently there has been a lot of talk about XPeng, especially after the official launch of its P7 electric sedan in Norway, or after the presentation of the G9 SUV, created to be immediately adapted to all world markets. These moves had more than suggested a likely expansion into other European markets, a wish confirmed today by the chairman of XPeng, Brian Gu.

The Chinese manufacturer intends to enter other Northern European markets, i.e. Sweden, Denmark And Holland. Curiously, for now there is no mention of the Germany, who seemed to be the prime suspect. Launches in all of these countries are expected to take place by 2022.

XPeng G9

Director Gu also clarified XPeng’s long-term plans during an interview with CNBC: half of XPeng production will be destined outside of China. The planned expansion is certainly also necessary to stabilize the financial situation of XPeng. In the last quarter, the figures were positive, so as to exceed analysts’ forecasts, but the sign it stays red for nowdue to the many investments made to support growth.

Also according to Gu, his company now expects a break-even point within two years, a reasonable time frame all in all, but not in line with past forecasts. First the Covid-19 pandemic, then the semiconductor crisis, moved this time horizon to 12 months.