You also speak with the cell phone

While it might sound funny, you’ll probably spend more time commenting on them on social media or messaging your contacts than talking to them.

It is thanks to the large number of tools offered by a modern mobile phone, which in a way made you forget its main function: to communicate with others by voice.

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If you want to rediscover the magic of talking on the phone, in these links you will find excellent information about how to communicate with voice by cell phone in the simplest and clearest way possible.

Speak a little louder!

If you have problems receiving callsIn this article, you will find many great tips to improve them, such as:

  • Cases, covers and how to hold the phone to get a good signal
  • Signal quality and location
  • Roaming
  • Signal amplifiers and femtocells

All about how to improve texting and voicemail

The voicemail and messages of text they are fundamental tools in today’s communications.

To take advantage of it, in these links you will find good data on the subject, such as:

  • Block SMS spam: Access.
  • How to send and receive SMS on the tablet: Access.
  • How to send calls from a contact to voicemail: Access.

How to record phone calls

There are several reasons why you might want record a call. To keep it or to serve as a testimony, it is indifferent.

If you want to know how, in these links you will find both the necessary procedures and applications.

  • How to record calls with the cell phone: Access.
  • The best apps to record a call on Android: Access.