Yusaku Maezawa shows a timelapse and some videos on board the ISS

In recent days, the mission to the international space station two space tourists Yusaku Maezawa And Yozo Hirano aboard a Roscosmos Soyuz 2.1a spacecraft. Launch and docking was successful with the capsule docked to the Russian Poisk module.

The Japanese billionaire’s adventure will last 12 days in total with his return scheduled for 2:41 p.m. (Italian time) on December 20. The choice ofjapanese astronaut had to tell social their experience in space, from training to days spent aboard the ISS. This gives fans new images and videos straight from the international space station.

Maezawa’s videos from the ISS: from timelapse to toilet experience

The first official image on the billionaire’s Twitter account is one dating back to to December 10 where it is seen floating in the ISS. Shortly after, another was uploaded showing the view from the Soyuz window during docking. Yusaku Maezawa he wrote “Wow! And I immediately pulled out my iPhone to take this photo. I mean, isn’t it amazing!? It’s true!!!”. Moreover, as soon as he arrived on board, the astronaut could only say “I’m in space. Space really exists” probably overwhelmed with emotion.

iss Maezawa

THE tweet most spectacular downloaded from the Japanese astronaut’s iPhone, however, is the one that shows a time lapse from one of the windows of the ISS. The description is concise letting the video do the talking “I captured a timelapse of Earth from the window of the ISS. It’s exactly one full orbit around the Earth. Breathtaking”. Indeed you can see the Earth scrolling in the lower part of the frame with the solar panels of the ISS and the Sun rising then setting in one of the many cycles Sunrise seen on board.

ISS toilet video

The video taken from Yusaku Maezawa And Yozo Hirano showing the toilets on board the international space station. It is not in itself a novelty as other astronauts in the past have spoken or shown this fundamental part but generally “hidden”. Its operation is differentiated according to the type of physiological need and in general it seems that even for non-professional astronauts (after a course) it is not so impossible to use.

Finally, it was also announced that the Japanese astronaut duo will participate with the rest of the crew in tests of physiological character, in particular how space affects the circulatory system. These are tests that are important for everyone (like the other experiences on board). Yusaku Maezawa he also has a deal with Elon Musk and SpaceX for a Starship-bound mission to lunar orbit called dearMoon.

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